Thursday, October 1, 2015

Walking amongst angels :o)

Today isn't our P- day because we are headed to the Temple on Wednesday! Wahoo! I am so excited! because the Temple is like a school and we have the promise that we will always see the plan of God a little bit clearer after we go to the Temple.
 A Great Sister cleaned my White Shirts out of Love for the Missionaries to be able to go to the Temple nice and Clean! haha 

Every day this week we have plans! and meetings! Leadership meetings and more meetings with the Stake President- _ This Saturday an area in our Zone, well in our ward actually, is going to have a very very special baptism. The convert has a whole in his throat and is sick, but has been receiving the Missionaries. He really wants to be baptized, so we have to heat  up the water and prepare it,  and we are happy to do it. 

On Saturday, we decided to do a family home evening with the people in our area because the area is about 45 mins by foot from the Chapel. So on Saturday we had a group full of people 25 people of investigators, less actives and recent converts. We made some plans this week to make a branch and a future ward in our Area. President knows about it and the ward and stake as well.   We  will have a meeting with them  on Friday to see what we will do with the ward. But . . ., we know that the Lord wants a Stake from that ward and in order to do it we need 1000 baptisms..... and you bet its possible! So we are making big plans so that the ward can have 1000 baptisms. The Lord needs stakes to prepare for the Second Coming.  The work we do is so very important!  I love it!

Thanks for everything I love you all!
Su Amigo con amor--

Elder Adams

 There was a parade in front of the house last week for the Costa Rica Independence Day on the Sept.15th!
The gum here has a great name also  :o)