Saturday, January 16, 2016

11 Enero 2016--People of Progress

Guess What! We have a baptism on my Birthday :)---This Saturday! His name is Jovany. He is a great guy; really repentant and humble.

This week was good. We picked up all the new missionaries from the airport on Monday and got home super late. Then on Tuesday, we helped with the Latinos as they arrived in the airport. We were there with President Laboriel and his assistants (West Mission President). He is a great guy. The week went good. The mission department has sent us some things that we will be changing in the mission. We are going to divisions different. Now the companionship will come to our area and work first---the both of them, for 24 hours. This will take place of dividing the companionship. It is going to have some amazing results.

We are also changing and defining the leadership positions of the mission. We sat down with President and wrote up a few papers and planned out the mission. We are no longer going to have Zone Meetings monthly. There is also a lot of other things that are changing.

This week was good. We had a barbecue on Saturday with the Stake President and a member family. Then on Sunday, we ate lunch at the bishop´s house and the Stake President was there too! Haha, so we have gotten to know him even better. Our bishop, Gabbi´s friend, Rafael Marin, well his his birthday is the 17th of January as well! haha You should send me a big pack of Beef Jerky. He loves that stuff and it´s not real accessible here. Peanut butter is very accessible although many believe it´s not.

I have been studying about the Light of Christ. Great interesting topic.

Well my friends! Share the gospel! Keep the Testimony fire burning strong! I love the talk from Elder Andersen about Faith in the last General Conference ¨Faith is not by Chance, but by Choice¨ it's a real great talk. I encourage each of you to study it.
When studying the scriptures, I invite you all to search the Who, What, When, Where, and Why? It might take some extra research, but it helps a lot. For example knowing when and where Paul wrote the letters to Corinth. Paul was there and baptized a bunch of people and now 3 years later is writing to these people. The city of Corinth is a terrible city of wickedness. So Paul writes a letter to his converts basically. There are many other details to include, but it helps to understand the context.  Remember we are all people of progress--continually progression toward our perfection with the Lord.-----Never give up!

Well I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Caleb Adams
PS-This week we have a few Zone Conferences. One in Toyopan(Guadalupe) and one in 
Guapiles and then La Zona Limón. look them up on the map :)


Matching hats that a family gave us at Christmas time----
Don't worry Mom, we don't go tracking like this  ha ha ha!!!! ;o)

Pictures of Toyopan(Guadalupe) area

La Zona Limón