Friday, January 29, 2016

25 Enero 2016---So many who want to SERVE!!!

SERVICE---lots of service!

We have been working hard in the area. And things are really looking up.

We had the World Wide Mission Conference. It was really great. We heard from Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, and Elder Andersen. and many other Seventies. The cool thing is that in our mission we have been making a lot of changes and all the changes and things we have been pushing went right along with the things that were mentioned. The spirit is the teacher and has helped us a lot as a mission.

On the 22nd of  January,  we had a District Leader Council. We trained the District Leaders how to be district leaders for an hour and a half and then president and his wife talked.

We are really excited for the ward. We have the buses that are going to the areas on Sunday to pick up people. What a blessing that is. We brought 15 in the bus this time, instead of 4 like last time. That was in the bus I was in from San Vicente. (We have 2 buses, I go in one to San Vicente and My companion goes to Dulce Nombre) There were also more from Dulce Nombre this time.
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On Sunday, we had a less active that we have been working with and a just recently converted member was able to go to the temple come up to us and ask if he could visit people with us. We also had Jovany, (last baptism) come and ask the same question! SWEEEEET!!!! And Heber(Great Guy that I met when I was in Zona La Paz that just transferred to our ward) and Paolo also approached my comp and I with the same question---wanting to serve others through the power of missionary work. And yeah anyways we did divisions and then we did divisions of those divisions haha. It was great.
This is an excerpt from a letter that my comp and I wrote to the President about our awesome experience with doing divisions:

I was surprised to see, on Sunday, after a less active Sunday school classes and recent convert to reach me and ask for the opportunity to leave with us. They came with a strong desire to share their own initiative. We went with the new assistant to the mission leader as a group to the area where we wanted to work, to get told them the purpose of these visits. I took them to the house of a less active we have visited. The assistant was mission leader with the least active. They taught 2 less active families while I went with the recent convert. We went to contact some references that members had given us in the church. We found some new and felt the strong spirit in the lesson to hear a recent convert to testify to investigators about their own experiences. Upon completion of divisions, the recent convert told us that he did not have to work until Friday and it felt so great to share with others. and that he would like to go out with us every day. The new convert also assured us that next Sunday, he will be with us. So we left them with some lessons and spiritual experiences with assistant mission leader before ending the divisions that night.
I went with another active member, and we planned to have a night of group with the mission leader and bishop's counselor would direct it. We went and worked and met some people and invited them to attend the evening group. We called another recent convert and gave the task to invite other members to attend the group night. When we arrived it was a joy to see not only less active members there, but also many recent converts and some researchers.  The bishop and the leader of the high priests group came to the group night; it was a very nice experience and uplifting. Then in that night with us 2 missionaries, we had 8 other priesthood holders working with us in missionary work, visiting and inviting. We  are working and we will see much success in our area. We know that miracles require work and what we are doing is working and the Lord is blessing us away!

Your friend Elder Adams

We had some cool lessons. The Spirit is great. There are so many times that people ask questions and the spirit answers the person through us.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday. I talked about the Book of Mormon and reading it. I talked on what, why, how, and the blessings that come from it. It was good. I used the talk from 2005 by Elder Perry---The Blessing of reading the book of Mormon.

*Funny story so we went to go get people in the bus. while there we went to go knock on a few doors to remind the people and an excited dog jumped up on my shirt and left a huge mud stain on the front of my white shirt. haha --So the member I was with called his mom quickly, and luckily just before I had to talk in church I was able to change my shirt and talk to all with a white shirt.  Whew!  :o)

Tell all thanks for everything! Thanks Grandparents A and B! Love ya all!

Elder  Caleb M.Adams

I love Costa Rica!

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PS:  Oh yeah I forgot to mention. On this Saturday we have the chance to get together with Elder Cook, Elder Christensen, and Elder Duncan! and see the other mission!