Thursday, January 7, 2016

4 Enero 2016

Hey° Crazy Day!  We went to pick up the new gringos(the greenies) from the airport tonight.  They arrived at 9:30 pm !   yeah haha late.

Nuestros Norteamericanos Nuevos son muy buenos! Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Our New Americans are very good! Welcome to Costa Rica

Singing---Somos llamados a servir!!  We are called to serve!!
(sorry for the blurred picture--it was a still shot from a video)

As stated in Alma 32, Those seeds grow best in fertile soil or in other words. `a humble heart` Trials make us humble, Fasting helps us to be humble, etc. Humility is a key to helping those seeds flourish. We are given seeds by the Lord to plant and nurture. For some of us, the seed may take after the first time. For others, we may have to plant and replant and replant and replant over and over and over again until we get it right. The Lord doesn't judge us by how many times we have to plant. He just wants us to keep planting, meaning we get up each day and we pray, we read the scriptures, and do all those things that he has ask us to do in order for us to give our full selves to him. It is through that planting process, that he helps our faith and testimony to grow and strengthen and blossom into what he sees that we can become-----that beautiful rose.

This week has been good! A little on the wild side! haha We had to send 12 missionaries return home and had to plan changes and then we got some new ones.  President  needed us to do changes different because of some stuff he got from the Missionary Department. So he left the work up to us and we got it figured out. We planned the trip for every missionary in the mission. Now they had to leave their missionary in the area and travel alone. So we planned like crazy and send directions to all the Zone Leaders and planned some more. And today everything worked out great---in 3 and a half hours we had everybody in there new areas with their new companions,  and some zones are far away as well.---- Well we almost had everybody in the area. Except for the Zona Sur. They were still in the bus. It`s a 7 hour ride. Yea, so Whew!!! Lots to do and keep me very busy!  Great though and I am loving it!

We prepared a training for the mission. We taught it in the Leadership Council and then we have gone around and been teaching it to the Zones. We also created a new way to give follow up to all the Zones in the mission with President. It`s called "Personas en el Proceso" or "People in the Process". It`s pretty cool. We hope to see the fruits of it starting in February and March.

We have been teaching the missionaries and the members of our ward that missionary work is not just Baptizing! haha It is inviting all to Come unto Christ. Inviting them to show their faith and repent. Or in other words to enter into the process of repentance, and not leave the process. It`s not just about being a good person. It`s about becoming perfected, becoming like Him. I hope that we never leave that process and that we can invite others to not leave that process.

Life is good we are working with a man named Geovanny, He is great, We explained that process to him and has been coming to church and is really repenting and coming closer to Christ to be able to be baptized and keep progressing. Pray for him! He just lost his job and has not been able to find work.
Tomorrow we meet with the Trainers again, We taught them today. It went great. We will get all the new missionaries assigned and then get them out into the areas.
Well, have a GREAT NEW YEAR! and I hope that in all those goals that you have put. You have also made some Spiritual goals as well!

Love you all!
Elder Caleb Adams