Friday, January 29, 2016

18 Enero 2016---BAPTISM!!!

Hello Family!
This week was good. We had a few Zone Conferences that we went to with the President.  We were taught about a few things---mainly about Faith and Repentance, and how we invite all to not just have faith, but to show their faith through repentance.  We talked about how it is ever ongoing and should be for all people.

We took a beautiful trip like we have taken before through a national park to get to Guapiles, where we taught missionaries there.

It was a very beautiful drive!

 Anyways my birthday, we went to the meeting with the ward mission leader and then we got back to the house that morning and the elders from San Diego were there and they had a cake that my companion had helped plan.  He planned and bought  a cake and then they sang  happy birthday and we ate and drank some root beer, it was fun!

                                                                     BIG 20!!!!!!!
ONE, TWO, THREE------BLOW!!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY---------20 years!!!!  WOW!

AND HE DID IT------WHEW, that was hard  :o)

                                     Celebrating my birthday at a members home :o)

My birthday was great! Thanks for the Package! I got it! You are awesome!  We went with  3 missionaries in the area and then the elders from San Diego--our Zone Leaders. They are Elder Barben and Elder Velver. I am sure you will recognize Elder Barben from Sizzlers before the mission. We eat lunch every day together!   Kind of crazy that we first meant over food and that is what we still do--eat together!   haha ---we have been doing this for months. Here is a picture I put up for you guys.  Elder Barben is on the left (blonde hair) and Elder Velver by me on the right.

Then we went and ate lunch and did the normal until the baptism at 6. I got to baptize Jovany he´s a great guy. The water was colder than normal! We invited the Burts to come. They don´t usually go to baptisms. But they are our good friends.

Here are several more pictures of the baptism.  He is amazing!

After the baptism, we met up with the Bishop and did some planning. then we went to a members house and they sang happy birthday to me and brought out a cake with my name on it and gave it to me, and I almost dropped it haha. but it was good. It´s a tradition to bite the cake after they give it to you and get your face all dirty.

Sunday was good. We are really excited for the future of the ward. We are going to have buses in the area to pick up people and take them to church. We have kind of been struggling in these past months but the Lord blesses us with baptisms. We hope for more in February and March.

Cool experience, On Sunday we had the chance to go eat dinner in President´s House just me and my companion and another missionary. It was a cool experience and then his family called him and we got to meet his family throught a group video call. and then Sister Hayes sent us home with some home made baked cookies. Those two are awesome!
I love you all!  Have the best week ever!

-Su Amigo Elder  Caleb Adams