Sunday, May 8, 2016

18 de Abril 2016

Yup I got the Package! Thanks! I got the ties, They are really awesome! I think they are the two nicest ones I have got. Thanks! And the candy and the scriptures. You are all awesome! That´s awesome about Hannah and how great she did. And way to go Jeb in your games! and Tayloranne that is awesome about French! It has quite a few similarities to Spanish because they both come from a Latin root.

Things have been good in these days. We have been working hard to get people to go to church and to get the members excited about the work. We have been going around challenging the members to make a list of all the people they know and then pray and choose a few people from that list. So this next week we are hoping to see a few miracles.

Best part of the week.... hmm I liked the whole week. I loved being able to go with the members and gain there confidence. This ward has so much potential.

Toughest part.... I got kind of sick but I am fine now. I have got this weird rash that I have had for a few days, that itches... all up my stomach BUT, don`t worry about it mom. ;o)

 My study desk-----

My companion is great. He just needs that excitement about the work! But he has got the desire and is obedient. He is young, but willing to work--- There are 8 in my district.

Today we went and finally bought curtains for our giant house----- so the neighbors can`t see us now.
Our apartment---we bought a blender   ;o)

Things here are well. We are working hard. I can say that much! We are working with the members as much as we can. The ward has got a bunch of potential. There are a lot of returned missionaries. This past week we spent some time of each day visiting the members with a short message and asking for references. We received 17 and have about 13 pending. that we have to contact. The success will come, Honestly right now I am shooting for long term success with my area. Although nobody here knows what that means..... They want it quick and want it now. Anywho ----I know from experience that working with the members is the most effective way. The area of Guapiles has baptized since January. We have a baptism this Saturday and next Saturday so we are pretty excited. Yesterday we sat down with the Stake Presidency counselors and planner a few things. Then we went out and talked with some members. We are going to start have a group Family home evening every Friday night in the house of a member. a different member each time and invite less actives and investigators. We have a bunch of activities planned in the ward. They will be pretty cool!

Anyways I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

We have a parking space as part of paying for the apartment but sadly we don´t use it. So we decided to us it for once and we parked our form of transportation there. :)

There is a picture of hymn book. It is the hymn book of the Assistants. Elder Cude was the Assistant when I got there haha so the book has got some time already.

one pic is of me in a car with luggage. That is when President and Sister Hayes drove me to Guapiles. Things are little behind as far as pictures go haha