Sunday, May 22, 2016

16 Mayo 2016---GREAT WEEK!

      My comp is Elder Gonzalez. Great Guy. He is 22 years old. and is from Guatemala. He is a convert. He was baptized 4 years ago and has got a great Testimony. His mom past away 5 years ago from a Stroke. And so he has been through a lot. He and his brother got their calls the same day and are both in the mission. His brother is in a different mission. He and his brother are the only members of the family.

      We were walking in the rain and there was a man walking towards us with his little umbrella and We felt impressed to talk to him so we did and he didn´t want anything but we asked him. Do you know anyone here in the area that is going through some hard times that we could visit? and he thought for a second and told us well actually yeah, there is a family that just lost their Father/Grandfather. So we got the direction and names from him. and we went and contacted the house well long story short. We found 5 new investigators and we talked of the Plan of Salvation and they accepted to keep hearing from us another day. Then, they gave us some references, and  then we asked them and we went and contacted them and it was a good day we went and contacted the references they gave us and those people accepted to hear us.

     We are teaching a guy. His name is Alonso.  Alonso is a reference from a member that is progressing well. But he just couldn´t seem to find an answer to these things. And so we went and explained real well how to recognize that answer and the spirit was strong and we promised him God would answer him. Side Note. He has been friends with a Mormon family for 15 years, and never has really had a desire to join the church. Anyways so we left him with some homework and the Moroni promise and then while asleep we received a message on our phone at about 11:30pm at night. it said something like this: ¨Elders! I feel like God has spoken with me! I feel something in my heart that the book of mormon is true! Is this God?¨ he continued, ¨I am real sorry for the time but I have never in my life felt this way.¨ so we replied that Yes it was is heavenly father speaking to him. So anyways he is going to be baptized on the 4th of June. :o)
    He is a bodyguard and carries a gun with him so it has been good to tell him that my dad is in the army and that members of the church can defend their rights and country. He works until 5am Sunday morning and then goes to church with us at 10am.  Great guy!

Well have a great week! Keep reading the scriptures!   I love you all!

Elder Caleb Adams

Look who found my phone and wants to talk with you????

Very interesting looking fellow!

Ward Activity---

Ward activity:
This is a pic with the people in baptismal clothes dressed as Angels. We did a ward activity , and they were our "choir of angels".  It was very nice.