Sunday, May 15, 2016

2 May 2016

Hello !
Welcome to the jungle-----

So, Baptism went well on Saturday! There was a good amount that showed up.

On Friday, We started something called Noche de Grupo. or ¨Group Night¨ It went good. Only about 11 showed up in total but we are just starting to hopefully get the ward moving a bit and get them excited. It was spiritual and helped to get them excited about the baptism the following day.

We have found some good families. They are really listening in the lessons and doing their homework. They just struggle with coming to church like everyone else. but they are great. one is a family of 4(Norbell, Rocio, Brandon, and Cristal) and the other is just the husband and wife (felix and his wife)

Oh and Jairo is doing great. Awesome Convert. He is preparing to receive the Melchezedek Priesthood already. He should receive it in 2 weeks. :D

On Saturday we went and helped a brother out with his fences in his field. The cows had gotten out. so the experience I had with cows came in handy haha and we fixed the fences. I have come to the conclusion that Machetes here are like duct tape in the states. Literally it can be used for everything. A Knife, A hammer, A Shovel, A Lawn Mower, etc...

This Friday we have another Group Night planned. in the House of Hermana Blanca. That is where I will be skyping you so you will be able to say hi to her. We hope to see more people there. We have stake conference coming up this Saturday and Sunday. The Stake President was called to be a 70 and so they have to rearrange the Stake again. Then next Monday is changes. so I will let ya know what happens. Things are going well. We are working hard to help all. I love the district. Oh ya, We have got a Multi Zone Conference tomorrow as well. They asked me to talk but I am not really sure about what... anyways. haha

Love you all and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Elder Caleb Adams

Some of the wildlife here---


Here is the Baptism of Mary Paz. We invited Carlos, a member to do the baptism. He had not baptized since his mission 30 years ago. It was a cool experience. (sorry this picture will not turn right)

These pictures are of Guava. It is a fruit here. you suck the fruit off of the giant seed. very sweet!

The Guapiles District. With Elder Moss and Elder Muñoz included.

Last Monday, Here we all are eating breakfast in the mountain cabin of a member.

The road we travel------