Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello! I had to wake up pretty early on Thursday morning. We took a bus and then pick up other companions in Ciudad Quesada. Then we took an hour and 15min bus back again to the house.  On the way back, my comp  threw up,  soooo we had to get off and then take a taxi back. Once he felt better, we packed his bags because he has changes and then we went and bought some stuff at the pharmacy for him.  Then we took another bus to Ciudad Quesada again. Then from there we took a 3 hour and something bus to San Jose, then a taxi from there to the office.  
Things here are good I am actually going to be training a new missionary here alone. Right now I am with a mini missionary. things are good. We had a great meeting with Elder Maynes. I got to shake his hand and talk to him for  a bit. Nice guy! I also visited with Pres Duncan.   Elder Maynes is an apostle, on of the  members of the presidency of the 70's. So, I am going to be a trainer and  my  new comp. is Elder Amores, he is going to be my comp. for about 2 weeks. He is tico (means local) from San Jose. Sometimes its a challenge trying to focus in all these different things, but it's good and keeps me busy. I have fallen really behind in my journal though... really behind, because we have been busy. 

But anyways things here are good. We had a baptism planned for this weekend. we had the font all filled and everything the talks prepared by the members and then our baptism called and said that he didn't feel ready to be baptism in the last minute. I talked with him over the phone but he was still un-confident. but he said he was in his house. Soooo we took a 45 min trip to his house to talk with him and when we got there he wasn't there. sooo yeah we had to cancel the baptism, which was kind of a bummer and really weird because he has come to church with us 5 times in a row. and he didn't show up this week for church either...... but on the bright side. guess how many we had in church! 60! it was awesome and packed. The Lord really is doing everything here and helping the attendance in Pital. 

Well I love you guys and the work really is progressing rapidly here in Costa Rica in preparation for the Second coming of the Lord. Thanks a bunch you all for everything!

con amor, Elder Adams