Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Things here our good.   Changes happened this week, but nothing changed for us here--I am in Pital and  I am with Elder Acuna.  This week, and well past weeks as well we have been really focusing in on the less actives and recent converts. We have been able to find some less actives that haven't talked with missionaries in about 3 years. Our goal  was 10 less actives and recent converts every week and now the goal is 20. We had 21 this past week. The attendance was a tiny bit lower this week. We had 50 in the church building. 
              It's definitely a lot easier to feel the spirit in the house when the house is clean. We were able to organize some  things and the amazing members now have a schedule to start cleaning the church every Saturday. Pital is great and we are planning on having a baptism this coming Saturday, so we are pretty excited for that. We also have a meeting with Pres. Duncan this Friday in San Jose so that will be a fun adventure. I might be able to stop by the office and pick up that package, who knows. Anyways, yesterday I did some planning and I was really reminded of the importance of goals  and how we need to have goals to help mark our progress and to help push us to be better. The second thing is to have a plan to achieve those goals. I have many times in my life set goals and then forgotten to set the plan. It's like a train without tracks.  The plan is essential and then finally the action. Daily action of what  you are going to do to achieve that plan. 
Well have a great week and thanks for all the prayers and support! Happy St Patrick's Day!

Elder Adams

The picture below is of where the volcano in Turrialba is located.  Pital is located northward up from about the 5th gray triangle over from Turrialba.