Saturday, March 14, 2015


Here is a picture of Pres Wilkinson, Elder Acuna and me!  He is such a stalwart man!  He has had some health problems, but it stronger than ever spiritually!  I love this guy!

It's always great to be able to hear from you and hear a tint of the real you and your jokes haha! Thanks for always keeping up on the writing I know its probably a bit of a challenge. but guess what....... I GOT IT! I got the package full of love and candy and goodness. haha you should have seen me when I opened it haha my companion must think I am a crazy guy now. but thanks for the candy and especially for the portable hamper. I was thinking I needed one of those and then bam!   there it was. and for the ties! man it was great to finally get some new ties. 
Thanks Tayloranne--I love this one that you picked out!

We took everything out of our room and then we  put it all in the largest room so that we could clean all day on P day! Man that's a lot of stuff!   Believe me ---I definitely keep a cleaner house than this pic shows!

Oh an there are these parrots that are outside of our house.  They sure are pretty, but man do they not sound too great!  They squawk and squeak and it sounds worse than anyone I have heard sing off key.  I guess the Lord made them beautiful to look at, but believe they are better seen than heard.  ha ha.  
Sorry I didn't have much to write this week, but know that I am well and healthy and soo very happy!  I love it here!
Elder Caleb M Adams

More pictures of the countryside here:

Lots and lots of rivers and streams here---they are everywhere!

Two story house--very rare here!

Green, Green, Green!

Can you see why I love it here???