Monday, March 9, 2015

Howdy from the land of rain!

       Well, howdy howdy!!! This week was good. One good miracle was on Sunday we woke up and it was raining.... and that wasn’t a good sign because usually when it is raining the members don't want to come. But I knew that the lord wouldn't let it rain unless it needed to rain or it was for a learning experience. Anyways I offered the prayer in our companionship. We asked that this would be an opportunity for the members to show their faith. Anyways we hit the streets at 7 am and started knocking doors and waking people up. Some people said no way, look at the weather, other said, oh wow its already Sunday? and some said maybe, we will see. But we walked around in the rain and don't people we would pass by at 8:30 to walk with them to the church. Some agreed. Well at 8:30, guess what happened. It stopped raining. completely stopped. We went and picked up all those who had been preparing and then we left to the church. Some said that they weren’t ready and we told them that it would probably start raining at 9 again. Well we went to the church and sure enough at 9 it started raining again. The meetings went great and guess what..... We had 51 in church!!! We broke the record of not having 50, we are planning for at least 60 next week. But I know that the Lord had his hand in the work.

I had some good opportunities to start teaching people how to read and write. It has been a good experience, We also had some meetings with the ward and the stake and things are for sure set. They are planning for the branch about two to three months They already have the limits drawn up. 
But man crazy experience, we were working in an area about 15 mins away by bus from Pital. and we finished the lesson and ran to the bus stop but we missed the bus so we said a prayer that everything would be okay and we started the 45 min walk to Pital hahaha well after walking for about 15 mins and stopping to use the bathroom in the jungle once. A pickup truck about the same size as mine drove by and my comp flagged him down with a flash light. There were a ton of chickens in the back in cages and all.  But long story short we ended up holding on to the chicken cages on the very back of the truck standing and we rode to Pital with our ties flapping in the wind at about 8:30 at night!  What a sight! haha 

-Su Amigo Elder Adams

Where's waldo???? Can you see me?  This     was our mutli-zone conference!  It was awesome!

Beautiful countryside!

Some of my wall art in mi casa here!  :o)

"I've been crunching some numbers"--just a   sample of our ever busy, awesome week!

Look Gramma A and Grandma B---the    packages arrived!  :o)  Thanks sooo much!

Look out---here comes Elder Adams with a machete!