Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Volcano in Turriabla

The current series of eruptions began March 8. It marked the second major eruption of Turrialba in the last five years. Prior to 2010, Turrialba last erupted 145 years earlier.

Ash from the eruptions fell over a 40-kilometer (20 miles) area, according to the Volcano-logical and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica. There was a concern that lava flowed from the volcano       and officials said super-heated rocks, not lava, have been thrown from it.
The prevailing winds are out of the east, which will blow any dust or ash toward the Pacific side of the country.
The volcano that was erupting on Thurs & Fri in Costa Rica has quieted today.
I am not any  near close this area, as Turrialba is east of San Jose and Pital is upward north from San Jose.  It is interesting history though.

 The scientists predict that it is just getting going and it could be a long haul, possibly months.  They say there is no danger, but it does make it interesting.