Friday, April 1, 2016

14 de Marzo 2016

I have learned a lot up to this point in my mission and hope to learn more.
I love all of these missionaries of the mission. I can´t comprehend how President Hayes does all that he does, but I have been able to see how awesome it is to work with all of these elders and sister and help them. There is a great deal of obilgation when you have been given the privelage to serve with the Lord's annointed. Please keep our mission in your prayers.
     Today, was the monthly check up. It went great. It was a smaller group this time. President shared 4 things that we are going to be pushing in the mission.
 How to know if you are succesful:
1. be obedient to the rules.
2. be clean, physically and spiritually.
3. (Small Spanish lesson in Spanish there are two ways to say ¨to know¨ one is saber which entitles to know knowledge or information and conocer which means to meet or get to know someone) #3 is conocer el libro de mormon. or really get to know the book of mormon like the back of your hand.
4. strive to have 20 progressing investigators always.

So I talked on #3 in the monthly check up. The Book of Mormon is awesome. It helps bring an end to contention and bring peace. Truly an inspired book.

2 Nephi 3:12

On Saturday we had 2 baptisms. Rafael and Judy. We found Rafael some pants and a white shirt and Sister Hayes so nicely bought a large bible in the temple for him so he can read the bible now. He is so very humble---75 year old man. Walks to church and always arrives about an hour early. it takes him about 45mins to an hour to walk to church. I can learn a lot from this man.
Good Ole Rafael!------

We found a new investigator that is from the south part of Costa Rica. He speaks a language called ¨Gwaimy¨ He taught us quite a few words. And I helped him practice english. How are you is Mätúño. good is ¨Kwin¨

I took a trip this week to a place called ¨Los Santos¨ I worked with a great elder there. Elder Winders from Alaska. The place is actually called San Marcos where the branch is located. We had the chance to teach some spiritual lessons and feel of the love the lord has. We were climbing a Mountain, literally, and we came across a woman, breathing hard from carrying some fruits from the local store. We offered help and she quickly agreed. What a great excercise! haha carrying those heavy fruits up the mountain. Anyways we took the fruits to her house and she cut one open and shared it with us. We then shared a scripture from the book of mormon, 2 Nephi chapter 2. The spirit was there. A lot of her kids and made some wrong decisions and she was pretty sad and her husband left her to go be with another man. We shared the short message with her on the porch.

Some principles I learned this week:
Prayer is real, it works. He Lives!   He´s no respecter of persons. The Spirit teaches the hear.t This is His work and glory ¨But Jesus beheld them and said unto the, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.¨

Know that you are all in my prayers. 

Elder Caleb Adams

Please put the picture on the blog. This Elder Ruiz and I in the Monthly Check up.

This is our board in the mission office of  all those progressing, new investigators and such.  It is going to be a busy months------super excited about it!  :o)

In front of President´s House

Claudias Mission President´s House, Right next to president Hayes´s house.

Old Church Ruins in Center of Cartago

My Mission Belt has seen better days.

The Branch in Los Santos.