Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Spring! 21 de Marzo 2016

This week we were busy busy busy!

On Tuesday we celebrated Sister Hayes birthday and had the office meeting and then a district meeting. then on Wednesday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders from Cartago. Thursday early morning, we woke up and got in the car with President Hayes and his wife and went on a road trip. We went to Perez Zeledon. We talked and met with the elders and sisters there. Then, we continued our journey all the way to Rio Claro. In Rio Claro, President dropped us off and we did divisions with the elders there to help them. Then that same Thursday night, we took a bus and went to Ciudad Neily and slept there. Then on Friday we studied with the Zone Leaders there, Elder Nuñez and Elder Rosander (you might recognize those names :]) Then Saturday at 4 am we woke up and took a bus to our area. It´s an 8 hour bus ride! ahh haha!!! :o)

Starting on Wednesday morning, my throat kind of hurt. Well by the time Friday came around, I couldn´t talk at all! I have decided that as a missionary that has got to be one of the worst things because you have to talk all the time. It was all good though.

Today, we drove to Zona La Paz area where we cut some Bamboo for an awesome activity we are planning for the 8th of April. It will be the "plan of salvation" and there will be a plane that people will get on and then the plane will crash. We will then show them the plan of salvation.

This week is going to be busy too. We have the Leadership Counsel on Friday and a meeting tomorrow with President. There will then be changes on the next Monday.

Love you all! Have an awesome week!


Elder Caleb Adams