Monday, April 11, 2016

April 4 2016--Miracles

     Here is a picture from a member in Orem,Utah, named Lance Hellewell. He was visiting and knows Elder Bergen. The elder with me in the picture is Elder Bergen from Orem Utah who he knows well. Elder Bergen just arrived to the mission,---- super cool elder. and he wanted to take a picture with me haha so thats why I am with him.
My companion is Elder Catalan from El Salvador. Great Elder, humble nice guy. 19yrs old. 3months in the mission you will meet him in May.

Last week was good. Last Monday we went and got the news. and then had the Trainers meeting with President and then we ate some Pizza. Tuesday we woke up and went with the Stake Patriarch to go pick up the new Latinos flying in. It went well. We then took them to the temple and shared testimonies there. A great group of news. 
Here we are waiting at the airport for the new missionaries to fly in-----

Then we took them to the office where we showed them some things. They did Migration and finance stuff. We had a sister that showed up a little later than the rest of the group so President stayed in the Airport. Once he got there, We assigned the Trainers to the new Missionaries and they were off! Then on Wednesday, We worked in the area and said goodbye to people there, Heber Campos invited us to dinner to say goodbye. he is the one in the blue shirt with the slicked over hair in this picture---Great supportive member here.

On Thursday, we went and ate lunch with another member that wanted to say goodbye haha and then we traveled to the office where we waited for the Stillmans to arrive. A new missionary couple we have been waiting for for a while. We had a very nice lunch prepared for them and we ate some more and it was a great experience. then we went to the area and worked.

Cool Story, We went to visit an old investigator and while my companions were knocking on the door I went to the neighbors house and yelled Upe! Buenas! haha but they didn`t come out so I yelled some more and some more and louder haha until the guy living on the 2nd floor across the street heard me and thought I was calling him. so he came down and we hurried over and talked to him. Anyways what`s cool is he said, ¨Sorry I did come sooner I was asleep¨ I was praying real hard to have the spirit more in my life and to receive an answer from god about what I should do because I don`t have a job and I need to pay for my mom and the family. After I prayed, I was waited intently for an answer and fell asleep.... but it was your yelling that woke me up.¨ Well we testified to him right then and there that god had sent us to help him and that we don`t believe in coincidences. Long story short we entered and he promised to attend church on all the Sundays and accepted a baptismal date. his name is Gerald.

Cool Story. So before leaving Tres Rios, I had been thinking about how I could arrive to my new area and gain the confidence of the members there. I created small cards on Microsoft word in the office and printed them out. They say: Brothers and Sisters, We are here to help you in the work of the Lord. If you need anything or know anyone we could teach or help. Don`t hesitate to call. Elder Adams and Elder Catalan. with our number in big font.
So first day in the area every member`s house we went to I would put that on the fridge haha. and then on Sunday I shook everybody`s hand and gave a card out to them. This morning before 6am in the morning I got a phone call from a sister saying. ¨Elder, I am sister so and so. you gave me a card with your number. I am calling because I am in a lot of pain and really need a blessing, please come as soon as possible.¨ So We had an impression to call a less active that I had met Saturday. We invited him to go with us. He took us in his car to the sister`s home early in the morning and we gave her a blessing. Afterward he said wow, that card thing was a good idea. Can you imagine if she didn`t have it. She only has two weeks in the ward and doesn`t know any members, she wouldn`t have had anyone, she lives alone with her son.
I know the small impressions that the lord gives us are important and we should follow them.

On Friday Morning we went to the Temple! It was a great uplifting experience as always. I enjoyed it. We got there early and I have learned from the example of Boyd K Packer that Reverence accompanies revelation. It`s important to arrive early in order to keep the reverence and prepare one self. We took some good pics. then afterward we went to the office and from there President drove me to the house in Tres Rìos and we loaded up my luggage. and then we took a Road trip to Guapiles. It was a great trip. I got to speak with President and ask some things. then we arrived to Guapiles and President took me and Elder Catalan to Lunch with Elder Moss and Elder Muñoz. They are the Zone Leaders. They were the District Leaders when I was in Zona La Paz.

Pray for Jairo,(Pronounced Hairo) good guy, Great guy. I arrived at his house yesterday and he said to us that he has been receiving the missionaries for about 2 years now, and hasn`t wanted to be baptized. So we taught some small things and talked about the baptism and I took out the Baptismal Record and showed it to him. Anyways he now has a Baptismal Date set for the 23rd of April. He said he feels that we are the elders that will see him in the water.

Pray for the Guapiles District, It`s struggling quite a bit.

Love ya all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Adams