Friday, April 1, 2016

BAPTISM!!! 07 de Marzo 2016

Hola from COSTA RICA!!!!!

1. Best part of the week, I don´t know if I could narrow it down. We had the Central America Regional Conference and we got the chance to hear from Elder Neil L. Andersen and he spoke to us in Spanish!---- and he doesn´t speak Spanish!!! He served in France. It was cool to hear from him and from other general authorities, They spoke a lot on Missionary work and how all members are missionaries. It was awesome! We also were able to find some good new investigators this week. We were asking an investigator if they knew anyone that we could visit and they said no. Then we asked again in a different way--: ) , and sure enough they gave us a name. Her name is Martha and her husband Freddy. They are just starting but we are working with them.

2.Hardest part of the week, hmmm. I don´t know there is not one giant experience that comes to mind. I have an ingrown toe nail again haha. We are struggling to get all of the members working in the ward. and working with the mission so that it can always keep getting better.

3.Tender Mercy, ---well we were walking to an appointment and then we decided to stop and pass by a house. We knocked on the door and a woman came out and we started talking to her about Jesus Christ. She said things were rough, We quoted a few scriptures, and then she started crying and it was a spiritual experience. The Lord loves all of his children and it is interesting to see how many times he allows us to be there in the right place, at the right time , and to be able to lift someones spirit and invite them unto Christ.

Today we talked on tithing and how it is more than just giving money and receiving more later, or receiving that secret check in the mail. It is more about the spiritual blessing that we can receive.

I have so many things to share! I can´t wait to share them with you in the future about the gospel and doctrine.

Attached is a picture of Rafael, the baptism we will have this Saturday at 4 pm. Judy will also be baptized.

I gave Rafael a haircut before the big day :o)

Baptism of the sweetest, gentlest man-----Rafael

Baptism of Judy---:o)

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Caleb Adams

PS--Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention that today we were able to go with the Zone of Los Yoses and go Paint balling! It was a fun experience! -----STart sharing the new video the chyurch has for Easter, titled---"Hallelujah".    It's a good one!

Thank you for your support--all of you! I feel of your love and prayers! :o)