Sunday, July 24, 2016

11 Julio 2016---A temple sealing--the truly sweetest treat to a missionary!!!

Hello Hello! What an incredible way to finish the week! Words cannot describe the joy... I had the opportunity on Saturday to accompany some converts that were baptized in Pital to their Temple Sealing :') I felt so much joy being able to see these people stay strong to their covenants and make it to the Temple. Modesto (In the middle) in the Elder quorums President of the Pital Branch and Yamileth is the Primary President in the Pital Branch with the help of her two children, Yexu and Anthony.

The first pic is of us in Pital before I left. The second is of us two in the Temple entrance.

Oh the beauty of a Sealing! It really brings everything more into focus seeing how that has always been the end in mind but to actually be able to see it and feel of the spirit there is something else. That small little place of Pital has a very large special place in my heart. :o)

This is the group that went to the temple from Pital! with the family that was sealed in the center.

Such a wonderful experience! I was so grateful to be there. I have been shown still while in my mission that the fruits we receive from hard missionary work are priceless.

The Sealing.... Oh wow, What a great experience. and to be able to see old friends that I thought I might never see again was a good time.

I also was blessed that on the same day I was able to see a good friend of mine---Felix Tellez was able to receive his endowments. He was less active when I was in Pital and has about 4 years of being a member.

I would like you to meet Lester. Lester was a great guy who was investigating the church when I was in Pital. He went with us to church, but sadly could never be baptized due to the fact that his wife just didn't want to get married and then they were waiting on a baby boy to be born also. Well, I left and he was married and baptized in August 2015 and is now serving as the Branch 2nd Counselor in the Pital Branch. He will enter the temple to receive his endowments next month.

Things here are good..
We got to meet President Arredondo on Wednesday. He is my fourth mission President.... President Wilkinson, Cordon, Hayes, and now President Arredondo. He was set apart and has the keys while President is away. We had a good conference with him. He encouraged the missionaries to work harder and with more excitement.

We have been working with a family. Nelson, Seylin, and Ricardo. They are real great, here in a few hours we have an appointment with them. Seylin and Ricardo went to church on Sunday with a few others but sadly Nelson couldn't make it due to his work. Right now they have a date to be baptized on the 30th of July. We are hoping it will all work out.

We have a cool activity planned for the 23rd. We are in charge of it. it will be real similar to the one we did in Tres Rios.

One Tender mercy---We were on our way to the bus stop and zoooom.... the bus passed right by haha and it passes every hour... so within seconds we recognized that there must have been someone else to find. Well, the first man we saw was harvesting mangos from a tree with his young son. We went and presented ourselves,  and we were able to find a family that received us very well. Well, it turns out that the whole extended family are the neighbors so we have an appointment to go back to meet the rest of them.

The spirit felt there in the temple was an awesome one and it makes we want to get out there and a lot more families so that they can have a similar experience.  Wow the sealing of those converts though... I guess it's hard to comprehend. but to find, teach, and baptize someone and then see them in white being sealed is just so sweet.

I love you all! Tell all I said hello!

Elder Caleb Adams

Here is one of Elder Gonzales (my comp) ---a good man :o)