Sunday, July 24, 2016

18 Julio 2016--more miracles in Gualipes

That sounds great! I am so glad you had a good time. I remember the trek. The mission is similar, tough===. but oh so worth it.

Things here this week are well. People are bugging me about my time in the mission haha, so We had a good district meeting on Wednesday and there we celebrated Elder Gonzalez's birthday (My comp) he is 23 now. While leaving the chapel. we were stopped and said hello a man who was dirty from working all day. He asked a few questions and we asked a few to him. His daughter left that same day for the mission. He is not a member and found it a very hard thing. We consoled him a bit and testified of the blessing his daughter was going to have serving a full time mission. He gave us his number and where he lives. We felt the spirit while talking to him and more important, he felt it.

Here I am in this beautiful paradise with wonderful loving people-----ahhh Costa Rica!

Anywho, on Thursday we went to a place called Cascadas II . While there all the set appointments and back up plans fell through. So we started contacting some. we saw a man raking out side of his house a ways down the street and me and my companion both felt a strong impression to talk to him. We walked down the street and walked up to him and presented ourselves. After some small talk and a small introduction he allowed us to enter in. He owns a small restaurant. He invited his wife and they started listening. While teaching, with a strong power and authority that was there he said, "I saw you two walking down there and I thought to myself 'I hope they come talk to me' " He continued, "And the next thing I knew they you two were" haha well after inviting them to the church they said well with the business and all it makes it hard. Sunday's are our best workdays. When all the people call it to eat. Well the spirit then prompted me to make a promise. We testified and promised blessing that if they would keep the Sabbath day that the lord would "cause them to ride upon the high places of the earth" as said in Isaiah or in other words that the lord would help them with their struggling family and that the business would be just fine. Well Sunday came around and we were there with smiling faces to receive them and they had a good experience.

I guess one thing I could say I have learned from my mission is "pushing back" as Elder Oaks explained it. Not fighting them, But sometimes we have got to be firm and when we hear no you can't or you'll never do this or that. We must rely on the spirit and then push back. and in this experience it was promise blessing and the spirit testified of them .

We also had another great family that went to church with us. They were set to be baptized this month but had some difficulties and will be baptized next month.

Some great joy I have had in my mission service is that of "being a strengthening influence to those that already have the gospel" We took the Priest out this week and did divisions with them. Then on Sunday we sat down and taught a small lesson to them of how to be a missionary. The same thing a Trainer teaches a new missionary. It was a good experience to see their excitement rise for that of serving a mission. It is something we have been doing the past few weeks and it has really helped to gain the confidence of our bishop who is the President of the Priest quorum.

This coming Saturday we have a Ward Activity! The Iron Rod! We have had some struggles as far as planning goes haha but we have worked it out and it should be pretty good :) We hired a van that has a bunch of speakers in it that will drive around the town announcing the activity. haha.

I love you all and am grateful for your loving support!

Elder Caleb Adams


How about some soccer in the rain----Costa Rica rain that is ------

This is my district----a special group pf hard working missionaries getting a little wet while playing soccer-----