Tuesday, July 5, 2016

6 Juno 2016---BAPTISM!!! and trip to the beach!

Saturday at 5am we got on the bus as a ward with Jairo the recent convert and Alonso our investigator/convert. And we went to the Temple. What a great experience it was. Alonso couldn´t go in so he waited outside with a friend but at least was able to enter the Waiting room and could feel the spirit there and he said ¨If I feel this way on the outside, I must feel great on the inside.¨ ¨I can´t wait to go in someday¨

                                Jario and Elder Adams :o)

                                   My comp, Jario and me

Always have the temple in you view! :o)

Then we traveled back together on the almost 3 hour bus ride. Got back at about 1pm and we got everything ready and had an awesome baptism at 2:30pm. The Burts were there, (the secretaries from the office). A few Families from San Jose as well. The bishop and other members. Also Felix our investigator was there and it was great.
Sunday, I was able to confirm Alonso and then soon after in the last hour he received the Aaronic Priesthood.

While on the bus ride I was sitting in the front right behind our bishop so I took advantage and starting talking to him. Well we talked for about an hour and a half. I finally came to realize how we can help him. With the Priest quorum... There are 3 active Priests. So I said ¨Ya know Bishop, There was something that we did in my ward that I would love to here to help the priests.¨ I explained the missionary prep classes that we did. He liked it and on Sunday announced that Sunday at 5pm the Priests would arrive with the Bishop and we would have the class. Sunday at 5pm. We explained what Preach My gospel is and how it has helped on our missions. I took out my Medallion of Duty to God and encouraged them to keep on going to complete the program. I took out an old paper that I had made in June of 2014 that has on it goals that I had put for myself as what kind of missionary I wanted to be and I encouraged them to do it. There was a good spirit to it. Well we will now be doing it every 2 weeks. The bishop liked it afterward. In fact at the end of the class he said, ¨Elders! What are you doing next preparation day?¨ ¨I would love to invite you over to my house¨
We then took the Priests out and did some real quick visits and lessons and a few street contacts. It was good.

Beach trip with District:

Monday. (Today) We went to Cahuita, Limon, Costa Rica! An Awesome Beach on the Atlantic Coast. We had a great time as a Zone. We took a small bus with the Zone at 5am in the morning and went there, Really Really pretty. Take a look at the pics. The monkeys were everywhere. haha.

                                 Costa Rica Missionary for life!  :o)

Banana field!

  My companion and I at the beach front entrance.

Map of Cahuita Parque.

                          And the ants go marching 2 by 2 hurrah, hurrah! :o)

Here we have Costa Rica missionaries--Pura Vida! :O)

Hello to the wildlife here--Mr Hermit Crab :o)

                        My little hermit crab made a perfect addition to my photo :o)

Hello friends! :o)

                                     Can you find the snake in this picture? :o)

The beaches are just this beautiful and peaceful! :o)