Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 13, 2016--Monthly check up and eating

I love this district and these missionaries! They are simply the best people!

.. Hey guess who just walked into the internet cafe. Elder Zepeda! My first kid in the mission haha. That never happens.... That´s a crazy coincidence. Anywho....

Things are well here. Today we went to President´s house for the monthly check up. It went real well. It was a good spiritual one. Things have gone real well in the ward. We planned a family history night and that went well I helped some people and the FH consultant was there too to help. Friday we had the group night. It went real well. It has helped to get the members excited about the work.

                                          Hello ---eat up!

Yes Mom, I'm eating healthy! ha ha ha :o)

Chow time--we aren't missing out on that :o)

Here I am in my element---taking pictures!!! Ha ha ha! Sister Hayes caught a great picture of me taking pictures Ha ha ha !

We had a great ward council as well. We are planning on doing a ward activity on the 25th of June and on the 23rd of July.  Felix is doing great. He already has 3 times in church and says he has got a testimony and everything. We are happy for him
Sorry for the short email, we are in San Jose Centro today.  Thanks for all your prayers and your help!

Love--Elder Caleb Adams