Tuesday, July 5, 2016

20 Juno 2016--- my last transfer :(

Things are well in Costa Rica. I went once again on Thursday in the early morn to renew my Cedula or my residency here in Costa Rica. I am Tico for another year. haha :o)

I`m trying to finish out strong!  I hope I am making the most out of the mission. I have tried the whole time to make the most out of it, starting with obedience but time is flying by fast.

Yesterday we had a small mission prep. I am not quite sure if there is some special manual for that but we are just kind of making up the classes using Preach my Gospel and they seem to be going well. We then took them out to work. The bishop couldn`t make it because he was sick. He didn`t even make it to church. but it went well. Alonso, our recent convert was there and set up an appointment with his aunt and we went and visited her. found some news there and some good references. We also went and visited some contacts we had done. We found a family of 4, One is a member that lives in San Jose and goes to church there. The other 3 are not members and accepted a Baptismal Date and the invite to go to Church. They seem pretty cool.

Cool experience. Well we went to a place called Toro Amarillo. We had never been there. But we had received some references and there was going to be an Elder Quorum Activity there, so we decided to go. While the references appointments fell through, and we didn`t know anyone, so we starting talking to everyone, but No one was really interested. So I was thinking walking well what is the best use of our time right now... well I don`t know any less actives here. And then we felt we should contact a house. Long story short. . . . At first the family wasn`t all that interested when we talked at the door. Then the mom from the inside of the house yelled. ----¨What does Mormon mean!?¨
 Well.... I thought to myself... What a great question!... Anyways ,they ended up letting us in and we answered many questions. The spirit was there and we were able to testify of the truths of the restoration of the gospel. They committed to read the book of Mormon.

Members here in Gualipes--

Starting them young here in Costa Rica----

Well, we are excited for a new week to work hard and see even more miracles. We have a family history night planned on Tuesday and then on Saturday, we have a ward family history activity :)

Love ya all

Elder Caleb Adams