Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of Julio 2016--The Holy Ghost is the teacher!

Thanks for that nice email mom!
Hello Hello Hello! Things are well here in this beautiful land called Costa Rica,
So we worked hard this week, Perseverando. Well Sunday came around and we had a nice list of people that had promised to come to church. Well Just before church we were calling and some said they lost the bus or left to go somewhere else and we had a real great family that hadn´t aswered their phones Saturday nor Sunday Morning so we were worried that they wouldn´t show up.... We waited outside prayerfully watching the outer gate for our investigators. nothing.... well the time came to sit down and partake of the Sacrament. I have been really trying to prepare better to partake of this sacred ordances and during it I was thinking of how to be better. or what have we failed to understand... a week with 0 investigators in the chapel.... anywho as we finished Sacrament, and  the doors were opened and
Haleuya  who should walk in, but the 4 of of investigators!!! (the family we had invited that hadn´t answered the phone for days)!!!  We were soo happy!!!!!! We welcomed them in and found them a seat next to some friendly members. Afterward we made sure that of the first people that they would meet was the bishop and they felt the spirit there in the church. It was a tender mercy!  :o)

Another experience--- Well We had received a reference a while back and tried to call but nothing... Well the set appointments we had during the week all fell through as well as our back up plans... so I felt impressed to call this reference. We didn´t know where he lived due to the directions of Costa Rica so we agreed we would meet by the entrance of ¨Barrio Jesus¨ at 4pm. well we got there and nothing... we called and no answer... and this place is far away and for that reason we don´t have progressing investigators there. Anyways I felt we could visit a house and we found a less active that was baptized 30 years early and we invited her once again to return to church a good lesson. But still nothing from this Reference. Well I thought.... ¨Lets go then¨ while walking a man´s car had a problem and we pushed it for him a bit and then I had the strong impression to ask the man if he knew this Reference and he looked at me for a sec and said yeah of course! he lives right in front of me. ¨Wow, Thanks¨ I replied. and we quickly turned around and went and looked for him. Well we found him, haha he was asleep. that´s why he didn´t answer. But Crazy thing is... He is 18 and is the brother of some good friends of mine that were baptized in Ciudad Quesada in January of 2015. Well a few weeks early I had bumped into these two friends of mine and was able to say hi and got their number. Anyways the reference understood the lesson well and has been a few times to church and accpeted a baptismal date. I think the principle is: In the moment I felt ever so lost in an unknown place was the moment we were whispered took by that soft spirit and guided as to what to do.

Sunday, The Priests didn´t show up for Mission Prep... so we starting walking and went and found one of them and gave him the mission prep in his house and he got real excited that we loved him enough to go help him personally in his house. We gave him a Missionary Manual and helped him study a bit. He is excited to go out and work with us.

Pres Hayes is alright. We got an email saying that the test results don´t look too well. Right now he doesn´t know if he will return in this change. It is looking like he won´t be back to see me and my group off. but who knows we are keeping him in our prayers as well.

 As you have probably heard, President and Hermana Hayes are in Salt Lake. President needs to take some medical exams and will be returning when everything is cleared. We fasted and are praying for him and his health. The mission will not be the same without him. For now, President and Hermana Arrodando from Guatemala are here. President Arrodando is actually an Area Seventy but he'll be President Arrodando instead of Elder for now.

This is a good talk that I read a while back: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/04/following-up?lang=eng

I love you all!

Elder Caleb Adams :o)