Tuesday, July 5, 2016

27 Juno 2016--Book of Mormons :o)

Things have been well. I went to San Jose on Friday to the Mission Office where I met up with President Hayes and some other District Leaders. I saw a few old mission friends. President has been sick for a while. He had mentioned it back in October and well he still hasn't felt well and Sister Hayes mentioned it to Elder Duncan and well right now President Hayes is in Salt Lake City Utah because the doctors couldn't find the problem here so He is going to be there for some time while an area 70 is watching over the mission. keep him in your prayers :)

Felix is struggling but he is there still. He hasn't gone to church in 2 weeks. We found a great family Seylin, Nelson and Ricardo. Their daughter is a member that lives in San Jose. But they don't go to any church. We went with them again yesterday and it was a great lesson. Yesterday haha I remember we had planned to teach the restoration and give them a Book of Mormon. Well we had a few with us. We went to church and then went and taught and things went well we put some baptismal dates and actually ended up giving out those Books of Mormon that we had. Anyways we had the appointment at 7:30 and it was like 7:20, we were on our way there and I remember saying a prayer out loud with my comp hoping that this next lesson would be a good one. We called some members to see if they had an extra Book of Mormon lying around and nothing.... in the prayer we asked that we might be able to find a book for them if it were possible if not we would be fine and change the lesson of sorts. Well then an idea came to my head. We called a member and asked him and he said he had a real old one that they had given to him. Anyways we ended up inviting him to the appointment because he lived close. He went with us and now remember this is all happening between 7:20 and 7:30 haha. We arrived and he helped us teach and then we had him give the Book of Mormon and it was real special because he said that he was a convert and that some one special had given him the Book of Mormon that helped him through hard times and that he was now going to give that same book to them in hopes that they would get something from it. Real great. They have got a Baptismal Date for the 30th of July.

The Activity was alright.... not so great haha but it worked out. The 23rd of July will be awesome! We have got a cool activity planned. Remember the one with the iron rod yeah we are going to do it here in Guapiles.
Well I love ya all and hope all goes well!

Tell all the Fam I said hello!

Elder  Caleb Adams

Here is a girl showing us her small goat... haha

                                                         Bug nest in tree :o)

Check out what I made on P day... It's a cabinet for the bathroom haha it cost me 300 colones for the string... or 60 cents... As you can see I am teaching my comp. English that is why there are sticky notes every where!

Learning to cook Costa Rican style--
cooking tortillas